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  • Why You Should Get a Flu Shot

    28 September 2016

    3 Reasons Why Getting a Flu Vaccine is Important Have you got your flu shot this year around? You’d better think twice if you are planning to skip on a flu shot this season. There are solid reasons for the hype about getting a flu vaccine, and the following...

  • Winter diet tips to keep you looking smoking hot over Autumn and Winter

    09 October 2016

    People put on weight during the winter months. It is only natural. They are storing body fat. They need to keep warm. Of course, plenty of people also let themselves go as they no longer have to show off their body on a beach or somewhere! Do not let...

  • 5 Must-have Silicon Mix Products for Dry Curly Hair

    13 October 2016

    If you are a lady with curly hair, you probably understand how great it is just to let your strands go wild and free. Thanks to your unique mane, you can easily add a more dramatic flair to your overall look. However, having curly hair also means intensive...

  • Report: Nigeria sees nearly one pirate attack a week

    27 April 2016

    (CNN)Crime on the high seas has nearly halved in the last five years but there is one region bucking that trend. Pirate attacks off Nigeria are seeing a resurgence, at a rate of nearly one a week in the past three months, new numbers show. A report released...