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5 Must-have Silicon Mix Products for Dry Curly Hair

5 Must-have Silicon Mix Products for Dry Curly Hair

If you are a lady with curly hair, you probably understand how great it is just to let your strands go wild and free. Thanks to your unique mane, you can easily add a more dramatic flair to your overall look.

However, having curly hair also means intensive maintenance. To keep its volume and silky smooth texture, you need to find the right product based on what curl pattern you have. You also need to change shampoo and conditioner whenever your hair gets long.

One of the best products that you can buy in the market today is Silicon Mix. Made in the Dominican Republic, this hair care essential is becoming popular all over the world because it can keep your strands moisturized and soft for a long period of time. Plus, you can even use it on hair extenders.

In this article, you will learn more about the must-have Silicone hair care essentials that you should get to maintain your curls’ beauty!

1. Hydrating Shampoo

This hair shampoo with Silicon Mix is especially made for adding moisture to dry, curly hair. Aside from cleaning your strands, it also helps in strengthening them, thanks to its bevy of ingredients.

Most special formulation with hydrating properties contain keratin to fortify your curls and ceramides to maintain their soft texture. In addition, they detangle the strands, making them perfect for those with thick curls.

2. Rosemary and cinnamon shampoo

If you want a product with more natural ingredients, you can use this one. It is infused with a cinnamon and rosemary blend to give your curls a refreshingly spicy scent while deep cleaning your scalp at the same time. It also contains vitamins A and natural proteins for a healthier glow.

3. Hair treatment with snail slime

Believe it or not, some haircare products actually use snail slime. Yes, you read that right. It may not be a conventional ingredient, but it is actually good for shielding the hair and scald against dangerous UV rays. It can repair broken curls, and gives it a refreshing aroma.

4. Sheep placenta conditioner

This one uses sheep placenta to create a special formulation, which revitalizes dry, curly hair. It also leaves behind a beautiful, glossy sheen, which can last throughout the day.

5. All-natural bamboo shampoo and conditioner

This hair care essential contains vitamins E, F and A to maintain the beauty of your curly locks. Your hair will certainly become smooth and shiny, thanks to the infusion of bamboo and Silicon Mix.

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